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Braces, Buttstocks, & Bans

AR Pistols and the future      As many of you are already aware as you have been following the news recently, starting today (1/31/2023) Stabilizing braces will no longer be a viable option for your AR pistols. The ruling has come with much backlash (rightfully so) from gun owners in America and ordinary people who support the 2nd Amendment.  I will go over the highlight points from the alphabet boys themselves (ATF).   Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer nor am responsible for anyone else’s decisions. These are my opinions and only reflect as such.     What: Any rifle with a barrel under 16” will need to be registered with the ATF as a “Short Barreled Rifle (SBR)” OR have any butt stock/brace removed to just expose the buff...  Read More

Range Review: Sig Sauer P365 X Macro

Sig asks the question: where’s the line between ‘carry’ and ‘duty’ So you came here looking for a review on the new hip carry gun from Sig Sauer, huh? Cool. Whether you’re from our email list or we got lucky from the almighty algorithms, welcome! The new P365 X Macro is a neat gun and I’ve got a lot of opinions. But if you’re a busy person I’d like to respect your time with options. If you want a full course of meat and potatoes, read the full breakdown. Want the spark notes? Scroll down to the TL;DR (too long; didn’t read). You want the news and want to be able tell people you didn’t just read the headline? I got my patent pending RTL;DR (really too long; didn’t read) just for you. It’s like “choose your adventure” where you only lo...  Read More

Best Hearing Protection Choices 2022

Have you ever noticed when you go to the range, you see a wide variety of ear protection that other shooters are using? Have you wondered what they are using and why? While I everyone has their own preferences and reasons, I’m going to break down my top choices for hearing protection for shooting.   There are many hearing protection options out there in today’s market, which can make it a bit much to take in when deciding which one you should get. I’m going make a list that’s easy to read and will help you decide which option is most suitable for your needs.   First, lets talk about the purpose behind hearing protection (known as “ear pro”). When it comes to ear pro, the purpose is straightforward: protect your hearing f...  Read More

ALL NEW Daniel Defense DD4 RIII

Daniel Defense DD4 RIII   Introducing the newest addition to the Daniel Defense family: the DD4 RIII. The RIII features a DD4 lower, with fully ambidextrous controls. This gives left-handed shooters the ability to use the firearm straight out of the box without having to alter anything! The RIII features the new RIS III rail system. The RIS III rail is modeled after the former RIS II rail, which was developed for SOCOM. The RIS III utilizes the same 6 bolt attachment as the RIS II as well as the two-part design for the option to mount a free-float M203 grenade launcher. The all new RIS III features an M-LOK rail instead of the former picatinny quad rail. This gives the RIS III an overall lighter weight but allows it to maintain maximu...  Read More

Firearms of Film Predator (1987) "Ol Painless"

Firearms of Film Predator (1987) "Ol' Painless" (M134 Minigun) If you’ve seen the classic film Predator (1987) you can recall former Minnesota Governor/Navy SEAL/Professional Wrester Jesse Ventura’s character, Blaine, but more importantly you recall the weapon that Ventura used: the Minigun, a classic weapon in cinema history. The Minigun in the film was nicknamed "Ol Painless". It's easy to see why, with 6,000 RPM, you quite literally wouldn't have time to feel anything if you were in its path.  (Photo: Predator 1987) History of the Minigun During the Vietnam War in the 60’s, the U.S. explored electric-powered, rotating barrel Gatling-style weapons. They wanted something to defend helicopters dropping and picki...  Read More

History and Evolution of U.S. Uniform Camouflage

Uniform Camouflage    What is Camouflage? Camouflage (camo) is a term used to describe the concealment or disguise or something. Camo is used to break up the shape, pattern, and any resemblance to an object by using different coloration, materials, or illumination. Defined by Merriam-Webster as: " 1: the disguising especially of military equipment or installations with paint, nets, or foliage 2 a:  concealment by means of disguise b:  behavior or artifice designed to deceive or hide “ Brief History on Early Use of Camouflage The use of camo dates back all the way to the 4th century when ships were painted a bluish green, like the sea, during the Gallic Wars. As longer-ranged weapons were introduced, the need for cam...  Read More

OTB #1

Out of the box (OTB #1) Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Welcome to the first “Out of The Box” review. In each OTB post, I will cover a firearm from first impressions, specifications, and things I would change/add. The OTB series is meant to be an informative post that can help answer questions you may have before purchasing a firearm or to be used as a guide on what upgrades you can do to your firearms.  For the first OTB review, I’ll be discussing the Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 rifle and how it performs and rates on a scale of 1-10 out of the box. History of Daniel Defense Founded in 2002 by Marty Daniel, Daniel Defense got its start by manufacturing rails for AR-15 style rifles. In 2003, the company expanded after winning a contract ...  Read More

Are high-Capacity magazines the issue?

  After recent events, the House Judiciary Committee is planning to hold an emergency meeting to write a sizeable gun control package.  Among other items in the bill, it plans to ban “high-capacity” magazines. What does this mean for magazines? Are firearms with high-capacity magazines the problem? Let’s get into it.   What constitutes a magazine to be “high-capacity”? A magazine that holds more than 10 rounds is commonly referred to as a “high-capacity” magazine. The most common magazine size is 30 rounds. The majority of full-size and compact handguns have 10-15 round magazine capacities. AR-15’s come standard with 30-round magazines. There are aftermarket magazines that you can purchase which hold 30 rounds for handguns and e...  Read More

What you need to know about Pistol Braces

What you need to know about Pistol Braces     What are pistol braces? Originally developed by SB Tactical’s Alex Bosco, after shooting at a range with a disabled veteran, stabilizing braces or “pistol braces” were designed to be worn on the arm to brace or help better stabilize a shooter’s firearm. The stabilizing brace features a velcro strap that loops around the shooter's arm which fastens down for stability while holding the pistol with one hand. The invention led to a great middle ground for shooters between SBR's and full length rifles.  Because of the design, many people began to shoulder their pistol brace firearms. This would lead to some confusion on the legality of shouldering an AR pistol and had many wondering if ...  Read More

Our 10 Tips for Concealed Carry

Our 10 Tips for Concealed Carry  1. Choosing the correct gun Making sure you choose the correct gun for the job is vitally important. When considering conceal carrying a firearm, you need to look at how the firearm: -Feels in your hand (how it feels to grip). Is the grip long or big enough for your hands? Is it too small or too big to comfortably hold and shoot? -Weighs and measures. How heavy is the firearm? Is it too heavy for you? Is the firearm too long to properly conceal? Is it a full-size firearm or a compact/subcompact? -Operates. Can you rack the slide and pull the trigger with ease?  With this considered, we recommend getting a smaller firearm in a compact or smaller size (sub-compact/micro compact). The Smaller the s...  Read More

Permit to Carry Process (MN Specific)

Permit to Carry Process (Minnesota Specific)   Thinking about getting your Permit to Carry but not entirely sure what the process looks like? Well, good news! I am going to lay out the process for you that we go through here at The Modern Sportsman!   First thing’s first Firearms experience. Do you need it? Should you have it? In my opinion, you should have at the least, some basic knowledge of how a firearm, specifically a handgun, works and the basic safety rules ingrained before you take a Permit to Carry class. During the test portion of the class, you will be shooting a handgun at a target in our indoor range. The instructor is there to assess and monitor the class. The instructor is not there to teach you how to hol...  Read More

FFL Transfer FAQ's

FFL Transfer FAQ's How much does it cost to use The Modern Sportsman as my FFL for a transfer? The Modern Sportsman transfer fee is $30 for the first item, and only $20 for each additional item. How do I know when I can pick up my gun that was transfered? At The Modern Sportsman we will have your transfered gun logged in and ready for pick up the same day or the following day of delivery.  We will call or email you using the contact information given on the seller's invoice and let you know your gun is here and ready for pick up. *This timeframe may be subject to change during busier months/Holidays* I am buying a gun from another store and want to use The Modern Sportsman as my FFL. What do I do ...  Read More

How To Buy A Gun Online

Buying a gun online is an easy, private, and legal way to buy your next gun. And no, online firearm sales are not some sort of “loophole” for criminals. Instead, purchasing a gun online is completely legal under federal law (some state/local laws have extra regulations) and it is a completely safe process. The Modern Sportsman is one of hundreds of reputable online firearm retailers (FFL Dealers). The process is essentially the same no matter if you're purchasing from us or another online seller. Follow the 5 easy steps below to learn how to legally buy a firearm online today. STEP #1: VERIFY THAT YOU ARE LEGALLY ALLOWED TO PURCHASE A FIREARM You should familiarize yourself with the basic Federal laws regarding the purch...  Read More