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Firearms of Film Predator (1987) "Ol Painless"


Firearms of Film

Predator (1987)

"Ol' Painless" (M134 Minigun)

If you’ve seen the classic film Predator (1987) you can recall former Minnesota Governor/Navy SEAL/Professional Wrester Jesse Ventura’s character, Blaine, but more importantly you recall the weapon that Ventura used: the Minigun, a classic weapon in cinema history. The Minigun in the film was nicknamed "Ol Painless". It's easy to see why, with 6,000 RPM, you quite literally wouldn't have time to feel anything if you were in its path. 

(Photo: Predator 1987)

History of the Minigun

During the Vietnam War in the 60’s, the U.S. explored electric-powered, rotating barrel Gatling-style weapons. They wanted something to defend helicopters dropping and picking up troops from enemy fire and RPG attacks. 

(Photo: Seaforces)

(Photo: Seaforces)

The U.S. Military teamed up with designers at General Electric (G.E.) to develop a smaller and higher rate of fire 7.62x51 NATO round version of the existing Vulcan Cannon, which utilized a 20x102mm cartridge and was generally mounted on jets. The outcome was a gatling-style weapon that could fire up to 6,000 rounds per minute: The M134 “Minigun”. To put that into some perspective, if we say the cost of 7.62x51 NATO is about $1/round, that means the Minigun goes through roughly $6,000 of ammo in one minute.