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At this time, we will no longer be able to sell/fulfill orders for any braced pistols. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Public (Non-Member) Pricing

$20 per lane, $10 each additional person on the same lane. 

Max 3 per lane.  Unlimited time during non peak hours.  1 hour time limit if there is a waiting list (Generally Saturday & Sunday only).  No upcharge for additional firearms.

$10 Upcharge for Virtual Live Fire Lane (per lane not per person)

$15 Gun Rentals.  Unlimited rentals per one rental fee.  Ammo fired out of rental firearms must be purchased at TMS.

$10 Suppressor Rentals.

Free eyes and ears.

Range features 16, 25-yard shooting lanes with easy to use electronic keypads.  We pride ourselves in safety and cleanliness in our facility. Our range venilation system cycles the air and lead dust down range while you shoot, keeping the air around you clean and fresh.

No 50 BMG or 338.  Shotguns are slug only. 

Located at 3541 County Rd 42, Burnsville.

Open Weekdays 10am-8pm, Saturday 8am-8pm, Sunday 10am-6pm