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Permit to Carry & Renewal Multi-State - Saturday April 27th 8am to 12pm

Permit to Carry & Renewal Multi-State - Monday April 29th 6pm to 10pm


Permit to Carry & Renewal Multi-State - Saturday May 4th 8am to 12pm

Permit to Carry & Renewal Multi-State - Monday May 6th 6pm to 10pm

Permit to Carry & Renewal Multi-State - Saturday May 11th 8am to 12pm

Permit to Carry & Renewal Multi-State - Monday May 13th 6pm to 10pm

Permit to Carry & Renewal Multi-State - Saturday May 18th 8am to 12pm

Permit to Carry & Renewal Multi-State - Monday May 20th 6pm to 10pm 

Permit to Carry & Renewal Multi-State - Saturday May 25th 8am to 12pm 

Permit to Carry & Renewal Multi-State - Monday May 27th  6pm to 10pm 

Expert Instruction

The Modern Sportsman offers a full line of courses taught by expert instructors. Our courses offer instruction for first time gun owners and experienced shooters alike.  

Basic Pistol Technique and Accuracy

This basic pistol course is a 6 hour class and is geared to the novice shooter. The course begins with firearm safety, shooting terminology, action types, calibers and moves quickly into shooting skills development centering on accuracy. Classroom demonstrations, lectures, and videos will be utilized to ensure the students understanding of the shooting fundamentals. Students must be 18 yrs. old or older.

Age 18-20 must have parental/guardian permission.

The instructor(s) will combine the classroom drills with live fire exercises developed to improve the students shooting on the range. Each student will be evaluated for their understanding of grip, sight alignment, sight picture, stance, trigger control, and breath control. Each student will be required to demonstrate the proper loading, unloading and immediate action drills for their particular firearm.

All instruction materials, range time, and targets are provided by The Modern Sportsman. Eye and ear protection are available.

This course is a prerequisite for the Defensive Pistol series.

Requirements: Proper Attitude, Pistol or Revolver, two magazines/speedloaders, 150 rounds of ammo (brass case).

Price: $249.00

Limited to 16 students per course.

Minnesota Permit to Carry Certification

Our Permit to Carry Certification Course will provide you with the necessary certification to apply for your Minnesota PTC. This course focuses on the legalities of self defense and includes a required shooting proficiency test. Please refer to our other courses if you are not familiar with proper firearm storage, handling, including shooting of your firearm, or need a refresher. Introduction to Firearms and Shooting is a great place to start!

Topics Include:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Use of Force
  • Alternatives to Deadly Force
  • Conflict Avoidance
  • Sate Statutes
  • Court Proceedings
  • Understanding the Parameters of your Permit
  • Your Legal Rights in the Home
  • Firearm and Ballistic Considerations
  • Methods of Carry
  • Physical and Psychological Reactions
  • Tactical Considerations and Law Enforcement Encounters

Cost: $89.99 Includes Additional Reading, Target and Certificate of Completion

Course Duration: 4 Hours

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim

This course covers how to create layers of safety in your life to protect yourself and your family from today's Criminal.

This is a NRA Certified Course that does not involve Firearms.

You will get the tools you need to develop your own personal safety strategies, including

  • The Psychology of the Criminal Mind
  • Mental Preparedness
  • Home & Phone Security
  • Automobile & Travel Security
  • Personal & Technological Security
  • And more

Cost: $39.99 Includes Manual

Course Duration: 3 Hours

Requirements: None

AR-15 Rifle Fundamentals

This Course is a Classroom Course covering the proper and safe use of an AR-15. 

Topics include:

  • Firearm and Range Safety
  • Basic history and knowledge of the AR platform
  • Platform options, styles, calibers
  • Barrel lengths vs Twist Rates vs Bullet weight
  • Overall components & Field Stripping
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Common malfunctions and stoppages
  • Accessory Options​

Cost:  $99.99 Includes Handout

Course Duration: 3 Hours

Course Requirements: None

Customized Private Firearms Training

We offer closed courses for customized individual needs. Our highly skilled staff can accommodate specific specialized training to meet your needs.

Please Contact Us For Consultation