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FFL Transfer Fee:

Our transfer fee is $20 for the first item, and only $10 for each additional item. In order to receive the discounted transfer fee, all items must be transferred on the same 4473.  

Out of state transfers from FFL's only.  Out of state private party shipments will not be accepted.

NFA Transfer Fee:

Our transfer fee for NFA items transfered in from another dealer is $99. This fee includes finger print sets for up to two individuals, and $15 for each additional person (up to 10). Trusts requiring printing for over 10 people will be charged an additional fee. 

FFL Copy:

To request an FFL transfer (from an out of state or online retailer) we ask that you please:

1. Ask the seller if they have us on file already (most do).

2. If they don't have us on file, Email us your order # & Email Address of the dealer whom item was purchased from.  After this is done we will send them a copy of our license.

OUR INFO: OR FAX 612.465.4906

When your order arrives at our store we will give you a call.  Please allow us 24 hours processing time.