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The Modern Sportsman

The Modern Sportsman Defensive Carbine Skills

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Defensive Carbine Skills (DCS) is a beginner to intermediate 3-hour class. It rotates through four training modules on Friday evenings from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. DCS will focus on the primary application of a carbine in near-distance environments and will progress from essential carbine employment into basic applications in dynamic environments. Students learn and train on necessary skills to build their safety, proficiency, and confidence with a carbine. DCS is perfect for a newer shooter and an excellent refreshing opportunity for competent shooters.

Carbine Topics Covered: Safety, Fundamentals, Handling, Rudimentary Ballistics, Presentation, Basic Movement, Multiple Engagements, Working from Cover/Concealment, and Weapon mounted Light Employment.

Cost: $80 per Session.

Required Equipment:

Ear & Clear Eye Protection

Appropriate range attire

Protective gloves with sufficient dexterity for weapon manipulation

One rapidly accessible CAT-T/SOF-T style tourniquet

Semi-automatic magazine-fed carbine chambered in a standard caliber such as 5.56mm NATO, 300 BLK etc. in working condition.

Weapon sling

Weapon Mounted Flashlight

3 Magazines

Ability to carry two spare magazines on your body

Minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition

Pen and paper to take notes

Strongly Recommended Equipment:

Two rapidly accessible CAT-T/SOF-T style tourniquet

Two rapidly accessible topical hemostatic agents, such as Quick Clot Combat Gauze or Celox Rapid

Individual First Aid Kit - IFAK

Ball Cap/Headgear

Earmuff style electronic hearing protection

Disposable in-ear hearing protection

Weapon Suppressor or Barrel Length of 14.5 Inches or greater

Red Dot/Holographic weapon sight

Back up iron sights

Six total magazines

Three magazine pouches

Dump pouch

Spare ammo



Handheld Light

Knee Pads

Additional Information:

Ammunition is not included in the 80$ cost per session.

Clear eye protection is available for use at no cost

Non-electronic hearing protection is available but is strongly discouraged

Firearm rentals are available but are strongly discouraged


The Modern Sportsman has all the required and recommended gear, when in stock, available for purchase. Sales associates and training staff can help with purchasing the best equipment which works best for you and your budget prior to start of class.

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