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The Modern Sportsman

The Modern Sportsman Open Defensive Skills Training

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Open Defensive Skills Training is designed for intermediate shooters to come in and train on skills in a self paced environment. The idea behind ODST comes from open mat Jiu-Jitsu training, where practioners come in and improve their skills with similarly skilled students, while under observation from instructors who ALSO participate in the training.

This is a newer concept in the local industry that fosters growth and development in all shooters who participate. When we all train together, new ideas, drills, methods and tactics are born and tested out in person on the range.

We open up every bay and go downrange, pulling out every tool at our disposal to create new and interesting training scenarios for our shooters.

Join us every Sunday for this style of training and bring your drills and ideas to help improve the training as a whole.


Previously, this class was has been invitation only. Expect to have to show a safe level of competency with any weapon platform you intend on training with. This includes drawing from a holster and manipulating rifles with a sling. This is the base level of competency expected. The instructor running the class has the final judgment on the level of competency required for training. 

We suggest taking all four classes of our Defensive Pistol or Defensive Carbine classes prior to attending this training if you have not attended similiar training previously. 

All gear must be functional and safe to use. This judgement is at the sole discretion of the TMS instructors present at the training.

Ammunition is not included in the class price. Ammunition is available for purchase during the class.

Only brass cased ammunition, with no steel or tungsten core or bi-metal jacket will be allowed for training.

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